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The Tao of Freelancing: 15 Rules for a Happier Life









  1. Be positive – nobody likes dealing with whiners.
  2. Charge what you know you’re worth – not what you see others charging.
  3. Do not mix your business and personal social media – clients aren’t interested in your evening plans, pets or tummy upsets.
  4. Work ferociously hard at improving your skills: read, study, invest in training.
  5. When you have work, do it and do it well. When things ease up, enjoy life.
  6. Don’t waste time sitting in front of your screen imagining web surfing is “being busy”.
  7. Cultivate a personal brand – work out beforehand what it will stand for.
  8. Decide in advance whom you want to work for. Pursue them vigorously.
  9. Only underpriced fools are constantly busy.
  10. Learn how to sell.
  11. Invest in marketing. Do nothing yourself unless you know you can do it better than anyone else.
  12. Time is your most precious resource: don’t invest it in activities that don’t deliver a return.
  13. If an activity isn’t making you money, drop it or find another reason to justify it.
  14. Find partners who sell different things to the same people you do.
  15. Define what success means to you. Money may have nothing to do with it.

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