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17 rules for being paid what you’re really worth, instead of what doesn’t feel scary

1. Realise that your client has the problem, not you. They need copy. And they’ve come to you for help.

2. They probably spend more on instant coffee in a year than you’re about to quote.

3. If they say no, you won’t actually die.

4. Nor will they come round to your house and shout at you.

5. If they say no, they really mean, why?

6. If you are asked to justify your fee, look them in the eye and say, “It’s for you to justify the investment, not me”.

7. You are an expert. That’s why they have asked you for help. Experts aren’t cheap.

8. Remember, charging by the hour puts you in the same game as shelf-stackers.

9. Plumbers charge more than you.

10. They are going to put an extra few tens of thousands, MINIMUM, onto their bottom line thanks to your expertise with copy.

11. Nobody knows how much you’re worth until you tell them.

12. There is no “going rate”. Just a price many underpaid copywriters have collectively fallen into by accident.

13. Practise asking for twice your normal fee in the mirror until you can do it without blinking, blushing, stammering or sounding apologetic.

14. If asked to reduce your quote, ask what they’d like to cut from the project.

15. Ask who has final approval over your copy. If it’s a board member add on 25%. You will earn it.

16. Copy that makes people money is worth a lot more than copy that doesn’t.

17. Aim to work for rich people – they have more money to spend on you.

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