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Marching to the Tweet of a different drum


He is one of only a handful of full-time professional freelance Tweeters. #whoishe

He spoke at Who Needs Copywriters? on Friday 19 April 2013. #wnc2013

He’s a drummer. Which is massively relevant to this guest post.

He is David Levin @davidlevin123.

Here’s his Twitter profile:

writer. drummer. human. writing/tweeting for the likes of @BBCTheVoiceUK and @motherlondon. speaker @TwitterUK‘s Powered By Tweets.

Here are his ten tweets on the rhythm of Twitter.



Some people think that a tweet is just a tweet. But it’s not. Inside every tweet is a beat.



And like beats that come, from thundering drums, some make you dance and others are a bit shit.



Sometimes the beat in a tweet is not so clear. Just words, words, words then BAM! It drops right… #here.



140 characters. 140 characters. 140 letters to ride on, just like bannisters. Actually, nothing like banisters. #bannisters



#ow about the #ashtags, yes those #appy #ashtag bastards? Hanging on the end of all our tweets like final chapters?



A hashtag says full-stop. A hashtag says amen. A hashtag says it’s time that Justin Bieber trended again.



I see a little follow-Friday on a tweet. Scaramouch! Scaramouch! Does it get you more fans though?



If you wanna be top trending; you got retweet your friends.  Make it last for ages; trending never ends.



Beating when you’re tweeting is like drinking while you’re eating. Tweets are like a rollercoaster, as sung by Ronan Tweeting.



So, what exactly have we learnt from these 10 tailored tweets? That if you want the words to flow, you’ve got to find the beats. Or retweet Justin Bieber.

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