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"I’m often asked to work my magic.  People actually say that.  I’d love to be a magician."
“I’m often asked to work my magic. People actually say that. I’d love to be a magician.”

You can recognise great copy because …

… it jumps off the page, demanding to be read. Before I know it, I’ve finished the whole piece, left wanting more and desperate to follow the call to action. Where do I sign?

I know I’ve done a good job when…

… the client tells me that the response rate has been amazing. They’ve hit all their targets and they are beaming from ear to ear. That and the lovely warm glow I feel.

The ideal client is …

… someone who understands that the copy is not about themselves.

My favourite type of work is …

… regular!

People like my copy because …

… they say I bring their words to life. I’m often asked to work my magic. People actually say that. I’d love to be a magician. Next best thing is writing words that sell for my clients.  That’s what they like … leads, prospects, customers and a great, professional image for their company.

Too many people think copywriting is …

… about patents and trade marks. Or they don’t even know what it is. Or they think it is just another way of saying ‘write even more about me and how long I have been trading and how many vans we’ve got and how old the managing director is … and what his dog is called’ … agghhh. All in a very professional manner of course.

To me, copywriting is all about …

… Empathy.  Understanding my clients. Even more importantly, understanding THEIR clients. I use this information to write in a tone and style that will encourage the right people to take the desired action.

The thing that drives me mad is …

… I love my customers. I do, of course. All of them. But the ones who insist on me writing the way they’ve always written and including everything they have always included, are, well, a little harder to love than the others. If they have taken the decision to hire me, why don’t they want to take my advice? Sorry. Rant over.

If I wasn’t a copywriter, I’d be a …

… magician. See above.

When I was growing up my parents always told me …

… do your best. Always. No excuses.

It has taken me a long time to realise that there is no such thing as perfect, because everyone has a different opinion on what that is. Put your laptop down and step away from that copy. It’s done. Leave it. Oh, go on then … maybe it does just need that extra comma.

I relax by …

… spending time with my family and wining and dining with friends.

My guilty pleasure is …

…Daniel Craig. Enough said.

About Joanne

My name is Wilson. Joanne Wilson.

Following lots of qualifications and many years of experience in marketing, I began copywriting by accident. I did a course and fell in love.

I set up my own marketing company early in 2010 and added copywriting to the mix a year later.

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