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Noel Gama

This much I know…

A series of interviews with copywriters

"My guilty pleasure is GAS - Guitar Acquisition Syndrome."
“My guilty pleasure is GAS – Guitar Acquisition Syndrome.”

You can recognise great copy because it …

… resonates like a tuning fork.

I know I’ve done a good job when…

… it passes my 7-point editorial checklist.

The ideal client is …

… a HR software marketer. (If you meant, ‘my’ ideal client. If not, then… one that adheres to an agreed methodology of working.)

My favourite type of work is …

… writing SEO-ed ebooks and white papers.

People like my copy because …

… it has a passionate human voice that rings true and clear over all the digital noise.

Too many people think copywriting is …

… technical writing; and some even think it’s about claiming legal rights to their writing.

To me, copywriting is all about …

… words. Between the pen and the sword, are the words – take my word for it!

The thing that drives me mad is …

… superfluous words like, ‘superfluous’.

If I wasn’t a copywriter, I’d be a …

… lyricist.

When I was growing up my parents always told me …

… I had a knack for playing with their emotions.

I relax by …

… writing songs and reading Kindle ebooks.

My guilty pleasure is …

… GAS – Guitar Acquisition Syndrome.

About Noel

Noel Gama directs HR and Corporate Communications for India’s largest spiral pipe-manufacturing company. He is a B2B/SEO copywriter who’s honed his persuasive writing skills for getting his most wanted response from his most challenging customers – employees – and applies these to his external customers as his company’s star copywriter. 

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  1. GS Sauhta

    I have seen Noel growing and shaping into an accomplished professional. Rather than getting boggesd down into insignificant mundane routines, he crafted a niche for himself by honing his skills; while akso efficiently discharging his official responsibilities; as the Head HR.

    30th May 2013 at 6:50 pm | Reply

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