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This much I know…

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"I once wrote ‘problem with your stopcock?’. They cut it out. I was gutted.
“I once wrote ‘problem with your stopcock?’. They cut it out. I was gutted.

You can recognise great copy because it …

… doesn’t feel like copy. It feels like a friend telling you something you need to know.

I know I’ve done a good job when…

… the client sobs with gratitude. No, seriously. A good job is delivering exactly what the client wants on time.  It’s not about trying to win awards.

The ideal client is …

… one that appreciates my skills and expertise, lets me get on with it, and pays me on time.

My favourite type of work is …

… online content. Most of my work is for the web. But I also enjoy writing articles where I get to interview someone interesting and do a bunch of research about a topic I know nothing about.

People like my copy because …

… they think it’s a bit different, a bit quirky, a bit leftfield. I always try and push it as much as I can. I once included the line ‘problem with your stopcock?’ for Sheilas’ Wheels home insurance. They cut it out. I was gutted.

Too many people think copywriting is …

… something anyone can do. A company once told me that their receptionist was going to write the copy because she was ‘good with words’.  This makes me depressed.

To me, copywriting is all about …

… persuading someone to do something: Buy, add to basket, click, download, call, email, share, Like, visit the site. It’s all about getting someone to take action.

The thing that drives me mad is …

… not being given enough time. It irks me that web designers and developers get months to design and build a site yet copywriters often get a week or two to pull the copy together.

If I wasn’t a copywriter, I’d be a …

… screenwriter. In fact, I am going to be a screenwriter. At some point. Possibly.

When I was growing up my parents always told me …

… I could do anything I wanted to do, if I put my mind to it. Good advice. And true.

I relax by …

… running, watching films and watching footie. What am I saying? I’m an Arsenal season ticket holder. There’s nothing relaxing about watching the Arsenal. It’s the most stressful pastime you can have.

My guilty pleasure is …

… reading the Daily Mail TV and showbiz gossip. I can’t believe I’ve admitted that. It may come back to haunt me.


About Sarah

Sarah Turner is a copywriter who has a real knack for making the ordinary sound extraordinary. Her style is informal and witty. Some may say irreverent. But at least it could never be described as ‘corporatey’, jargon-filled or vanilla-flavoured.  She works with creative design agencies, web developers, multi-nationals and SMEs. But she especially likes working for clients who give her free stuff.


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  1. John Turner

    Nice one Sarah
    Lol Dad

    3rd June 2013 at 6:46 pm | Reply
  2. Maria

    Hi Sarah

    I am a start-up Domestic Cleaning Business owner and interested in Wesite Contents.
    I am interested in some quotes for 5/7 pages (web desiner info)
    I want something clear and simple details my services and easy to understand for my clients.
    To achieve the about what do i need to provide?
    Many thanks for the text earlier.
    Kind regards
    Maria 077901330716

    5th July 2013 at 1:25 pm | Reply

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