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Nigel Graber – Mightier Than


"Too many people think copywriting is …something they can do for a living.
“Too many people think copywriting is …something they can do for a living.

You can recognise great copy because it ……
…sounds professional and packs a punch. It’’s like the difference between graphic design and clip art. We should all strive for great clip art.

I know I’’ve done a good job when… …
… I’’ve forged in the smithy of my soul the uncreated conscience of my race. And then had potato cakes for tea.

The ideal client is ……
… struggling under the weight of his marketing budget. Apart from that, someone with a chain of 162 hotels and a website written by his dog.

My favourite type of work is ……
… radio ads. I once wrote an ad for an Irish pottery company and the queue stretched 2.5 miles to the next village. Have also been described as the King of Quirk.

People like my copy because ……
… I’m part-poet, part-comedian. Yet 91% repeat business says my work achieves results, too.

Too many people think copywriting is ……
… something they can do for a living.

To me, copywriting is all about ……
… whispers, intimations, moods, impressions, psychological interplay. And buggering about with words till they sound right.

The thing that drives me mad is ……
… misuse of ‘sat’ and ‘stood’, even by copywriters. Oh, and when you need to introduce someone but can’’t remember their name.

If I wasn’’t a copywriter, I’d be a ……
… tennis reporter. I write for the Bleacher Report and for an Andy Murray website. I’’ve also made far too many pundit appearances on BBC radio.

When I was growing up my parents always told me ……
… to shut up and get back in the wardrobe.

I relax by ……
… playing tennis. Writing about tennis. Watching tennis. Running. Bothering my cat.

My guilty pleasure is ……

… I used to think Diamond Lights by Glenn and Chris was a hummable tune.

About Nigel

Nigel Graber runs Mightier Than, a copywriting practice that covers the entire planet and beyond from a converted garage. Clients include Hitachi, GROHE, Honda, Reebok, Siemens, Software AG and Sci-MX. The difference between Nigel’’s pulse rate and IQ is 120, but he’’s not saying which is the higher.

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  1. Copywriter Clio

    Nicely written. Cheers for taking the time to compose.

    28th March 2018 at 1:56 pm | Reply

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