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Richard Harrison – Rich Words

This much I know…

A series of interviews with copywriters

"My favourite type of work is intellectually stimulating and lucrative."
“My favourite type of work is intellectually stimulating and lucrative.”

You can recognise great copy because it

gets each reader to think or do whatever the writer/client wants that person to think or do

I know Ive done a good job when
my copy achieves the objectives for the communication (as agreed with the client)

The ideal client is
well-prepared (i.e. has a brief), well-adjusted (i.e. has a sense of humour and is easy to deal with) and well-heeled (i.e. they’re willing to pay the rate quoted, on time)

My favourite type of work is
intellectually stimulating and lucrative

People like my copy because
it meets the brief

Too many people think copywriting is
something to do with that small c in a circle (copyright); something they can do themselves

To me, copywriting is all about
words and structure leading to reader (re)action

The thing that drives me mad is
dunked biscuits getting too wet

If I wasnt a copywriter, Id be a
professional pedant

When I was growing up my parents always told me
“Don’t use that tone of voice with me… use mid-register Plain English instead”

I relax by
playing football, tennis and word games

My guilty pleasure is
my stash of dunking biscuits

About Richard

Richard has over 20 years’ experience creating copy for big-name clients (Sony, RIBA, and Pioneer among them) and agencies (such as Ogilvy One, Publicis, Saatchi’s). He’s written for consumer and business audiences, across multiple platforms and industry sectors, and delivered writing training to marketers at The Economist and other organisations.


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