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Three warning signs you’re running a ‘cheap’ business

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One of the prerequisites for growing your business is thinking big.

Here are three warning signs that you’re thinking small – and looking cheap.

Advertising the fact that you can work with clients anywhere, “thanks to Skype”

Of course managing your costs is important. But believe it or not, people used to work internationally in the days before Skype.

Some people will cheerfully call a landline on the other side of the world in pursuit of a deal, without thinking, “Good grief, this could cost me £2.75!”

Searching for free images for your blog – and tweeting about same

You CAN get free images for your blog. Just watch out that they’re not somebody’s copyright.

But why is it so important? You can buy high-quality, royalty-free images for as little as 54p. It’s less than that skinny latte you buy at your weekly networking breakfast.

Boasting on your website that you work from home

“Working from home” to most people in corporate jobs, ie clients, is a synonym for lounging about watching the tennis in your jammies.

It doesn’t conjure up an image of a skilled professional helping them solve a business problem.

Whatever the little wrinkles you’ve figured out to save a few quid here and there, keep them to yourself.

Concentrate on projecting a professional image to the outside world – who could be reading your tweets, blog posts and, gasp, even your website.





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