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Why I’m speaking at the PCN 2013 conference


Something unusual is happening later this year.

A conference for copywriters.

I’ve been in the business for 27 years and never even heard of such an event in the UK.

The organisers are Tom Albrighton and Ben Locker, the guys behind the Professional Copywriters Network (PCN).

They asked me to speak and I suggested that, as the CEO of the Copywriting Academy, I lend not just my voice but my support too.

So as well as delivering one of the four keynote speeches, I’ll be sitting on a panel with Dave Trott on content marketing, copywriting and creativity. And promoting the conference.


Because I genuinely believe that conferences are one of the best ways to learn about your trade and, just as importantly, make the contacts who can further your career or just become good friends.

Book a place at this new event and I feel sure you will never for one moment regret it.

As well as me and Dave Trott, you can hear from small business marketing maven Dee Blick and an as-yet-unannounced fourth speaker.

My speech is called Why the Cutting Edge Has a Bone Handle.

I’m going to share a few techniques garnered from old-school direct response copywriting that you can use in every new copywriting format and channel from AdWords to Tweets, blog posts to landing pages.

I am sure you’ll gain enough commercial insights to more than repay your investment in attending.

And if that’s not enough, you’ll also have the chance to take part in special breakout sessions …

… a Q&AS panel session on content marketing and creativity with me and Dave Trott …

… and, of course, there will be lots of time for you to make new friends or renew old acquaintances with your fellow copywriters over refreshments.

So if you want to pack more into your life, master a new trade or two AND learn some new ways to make more money, click here to book your place.

The PCN have arranged the day so that there is more than the usual amount of time set aside for networking – that’s talking to new people in jargon-free language. There’s an evening reception the night before and I am sure there’ll be plenty of furious debate and discussion over coffees and the conference lunch.

I wouldn’t miss it even if I weren’t on the speaker panel. I hope you’ll decide to come along.

Find out more about the conference and book your place here.

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