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Puzzled by infographics? Calculate their true value here


Ah, infographics, doncha just love ’em?

All those pixels – all that effort. So little content.

Here is my simple method for calculating the value of the next infographic that crosses your transom.


Step 1 Calculate the area of infographic in cm2 when printed out or viewed actual size – call this A.

Step 2 Count the number of facts or interesting ideas contained in infographic – call this F.

Step 3 Divide F by A and multiply the result by 100 – call this Q for information quotient.


Q > 1.0          worth putting this amount of information into graphical format

Q 0.5-1.0       unclear what value is added

Q < 0.5          why bother?

Q < 0.1          waste of everybody’s time

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